Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain a sample of your abrasive castings and/or extruded products?
Yes, we do carry samples, and would be happy to send you one. Please note however that we maintain samples for material purposes only. Samples are not available in every configuration.

Can I buy from stock?
Unfortunately we do not maintain stock, castings are made to your specifications, as the orders are received.

How long will it take for delivery?
Lead times are based on different circumstances.
You will need to contact our home office for a lead-time on your specific request.

We provide a formal price quote to our customers based on the specifications of the request. Our price quote will always include a delivered price. Please contact our home office for all price quotes.

Can you send me a catalog?
Yes, please provide your name and mailing address and we would be happy to send you our catalog.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, to better accommodate our customers we now accept Visa and MasterCard.