Detectable Warnings

FUNCTION – To provide sensory signals of touch, sound and sight.

CHARACTERISTICS – 3/8” thick abrasive metal base with integral cast-on, non-slip raised truncated domes (dia. 1.0 in. – height 0.2 in) spaced approximately 2.0 in. nominal center to center. Furnished with cast on bolt edges beveled anchors for fresh concrete installation or furnished with predrilled countersunk 5/16” holes for ¼” SS flat head screw (approx. 12” centers) for a retrofit installation.

SIZES – Custom sizes available with squared or beveled edges.

MATERIAL – Aluminum Cast Alloy 319.0 (ASTM SC64D) or Aluminum Cast Alloy #356 or Mag Bronze cast alloy (ASTM B584).

INSTALLATION – Plates are anchored in fresh concrete or other wet floor surfaces with loose steel anchors as shown or with integral cast on bolt anchors.

RETROFIT – Furnished with Beveled Edges (as specified). Plates are secured to a solid base floor (concrete, terrazzo, wood, etc.) with a self gripping type ¼” x 1–¼” SS flat head screws or a double machine bolt lead expansion anchors SS flat head machine screw. Apply a bead of a RTV silicone sealer to outside bottom edges of plates.