Integral Tread Riser (ITR)

The aluminum integral tread/riser STYLE ITR-100 meets all of the specifications of the Americans With Disabilities Act, with the added benefit of non-slip surfaces. It is a fast, clean way of meeting the requirement of section 4.9.2 proclamation “no open risers”.

The pre-drilled treads nest together to give you a safe non-slip surface with a solid riser. Virtually any combination of tread width, nosing design and riser height are available. The superior strength of the stairway is achieved through our unitized casting process of tread, riser and truss rib cast as one. Fewer joints translate to fewer areas for corrosion to occur. Self-aligning, interlocking design makes installation fast and simple. This tread will give an installation that meets your requirements and your budget.

The Integral tread Riser ( ITR-100-ADA ), our most requested tread/riser combination is now available with a visibility stripe for the purpose of alerting the visually impaired. The stripe is as slip resistant as the tread surface and meets the California ADA specifications for stair treads.

The visibility stripe can be added to most of our treads and comes in several different colors, with Yellow Alert being the most common color.

Samples are available in limited quantities. Please contact us for further details.